Saturday, December 10, 2016

Minimizing Screen time for under 5s

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  1. Mataji plz help regarding mealtimes screen viewing. .This is the most difficult to handle as the task of finishing the the meals looks much more important and obviously becomes too convenient with the screen . plz share your experience too regarding the same as my son just won't open his mouth if his favourite videos aren't played..

    1. It's a habit that your child has gotten into. Toddlers love routines and don't like it's a routine now for him to eat only with the videos on. Obviously parents are responsible for creating this routine.
      I would suggest you begin changing the routine by completely stopping screen at meals. 3 days will be tough but by 4th day child will accept.
      If he won't eat it's ok to skip 1-2 meals one day. Eventually he will be too hungry and will eat.
      Replace the screen with books which you can read to him or tell him stories verbally or audio books

    2. The long term consequences of such a habit can be extreme...done children grow up to be adults but can't eat without screen in front of them. This is because brain associates the pleasure derived from food with the screen. This makes the mind think of the screen as a need.."hungry" for it. Also child is not conscious of what and how much he is eating..which is unhealthy.